Freelancing, Virtual Assistance And Online Jobs Work

One of the challenges for me is  to enter into this Freelancing world. I enrolled in the course  of Virtual Assistance, work at home mum from Ms Julmar Grace Locsin. I’m so privileged to be in this course and be a part of  this coaching, new different skills, new applications carrier as a Freelancer and new door way of opportunity. It is my  desire to be  with my husband and we are expecting our first baby on 6th of January. I will be able to  work at home while taking care of my baby and teaching him  in the ways of the Lord, and besides from that I want to earn money to provide our needs on a daily basis, and I can be a blessing as well to others.

I’d been volunteering  as an Admin Assistant at our previous Church organization and meanwhile I’ve been working as a Diversional Therapist in a Nursing home, but I want to really pursue something to do at home and that’s why I decided to join this course. After 3 weeks into this course, I got hired as a Freelancer from UpWork. I was so excited the moment I received a reply confirming that I had my first job role in Data entry. And what a great feeling it was when I got paid for the job by exercising my new skills. What a privilege!

In this Freelancing journey I would like to maintain my skills, my knowledge and share it to Business owners, assisting their businesses to be successful and be a channel of blessing.











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